Carl Unis
PGA of America-Life Member

Carl has recently relocated to Fort Worth from Wisconsin. He has been teaching golf for over 50 years. He also played competitively on the PGA Tour, Caribbean Tour and the Senior Champions Tour. Carl’s Teaching philosophy is simple and geard to teach the student. Everyone has the ability to learn golf, some have more than others. From beginners to intermediate and advance players his position as a teacher is to replace bad habits with good habits and instill the swinging motion of the golf swing. He’d enjoy working with you if given the opportunity.

Carl can be reached at 414-416-2530 or Email: 
Lesson Rates: 1 Hour -$75.00 1/2 Hour- $45.00
Senior Rates: 1 Hour- $65.00 1/2 Hour- $40.00
Junior Rates: 1 Hour – $45.00 1/2 Hour – $30.00
Group Lessons Available – Please call for rates
Remember Golf is a Game of a Lifetime.. Why Not Learn it Correctly

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