Fort Worth Golf at the Hawks Creek Golf Club

Enjoy the magic of Hawks Creek! Located 4 miles from downtown Fort Worth, off Highway 183 in Westworth Village. Hawks Creek Golf Club creates a feeling not found in Fort Worth. Our golf course is 18-holes, perfect for golfers to be pushed while having a blast. Our picturesque course allows you to focus on your golf with no distractions.Our professional course will challenge you with several water hazards and sand traps.

Golfers love our professionally-kept facilities and golf staff. We feature a top Pro Shop, with new gear and knowledgeable golf pros. We even have a delicious restaurant for a bite before and a beer after your round of Fort Worth golf. For golfers who work late, we have a driving range where you sharpen your skills or take lessons from the pros. Our eager staff has one main goal; create the best possible golf experience.

Our Clubhouse, Grill and Facilities are open year round (depending on weather) as follows:


January 1st, 2016- March 12th, 2016

March 13th, 2016- April 21st, 2016

April 22nd, 2016- August 14th, 2016
Friday-Sunday and Holidays

August 15th, 2016- October 3rd, 2016
7:00am- 7:00pm

October 4th, 2016- November 5th, 2016


2016 Holidays and Closures

Aerification: May 2nd-3rd , 2016(Closed)
Memorial Day: May 30th, 2016(Holiday Rates)
Light Aerification Day: June 6th, 2016(Closed)
Independence Day: July 4th, 2016(Holiday Rates)
Aerification Day: July 11th, 2016(Closed)
Aerification Clean-Up: July 12th, 2016(10:00am Start)
Light Aerification Day: August 1st, 2016(10:00am Late Start)
Aerification Day: August 22nd, 2016(Closed)
Aefication Clean-Up: August 23rd, 2016(10:00am Late Start)
Labor Day: September 5th, 2016(Holiday Rates)
Thanksgiving Day: November 24th, 2016(Closed)
Day after Thanksgiving Day: November 25th, 2016(Holiday Rates)
Christmas Eve: December 24th, 2016(Holiday Rates)
Christmas Day: December 25th, 2016(Closed)